#hiring at Perfect Moose USA Inc
#hiring at Perfect Moose USA Inc

Call us. We won’t call you. Because we probably don’t have your number. Yet. With Perfect Moose Inc we are bringing the steamiest mi*lk coffee herd to the US. Now hiring: one networking wonder worker and one technical moose doctor. Both with the guts to grow and the drive to make the Moose thrive. American style.

New Business Developer

aka networking wonder worker 

So you clicked the link to this job vacancy. 

Great, we like a bit of initiative. Quite an important characteristic actually for what you would be about to do. Because that would be helping the Perfect Moose make a big leap across the Atlantic. 

Checking up on Perfect Moose details now? Wonderful. Curiosity is a second characteristic we dig. Because you would be putting on your explorer’s hat and optimizing a Perfect Moose (dealer) network across the USA. 

Didn’t need to click for more details on the Moose? We’re impressed. Because then we suspect you know the coffee market and are keen on smart tech barista tools enabling coffee businesses to thrive by improving coffee bar workflow while serving consistent top quality. – Did you read this complete 32 words sentence? Love the perseverance. 

A new business developer’s daily business

  • Identify and research potential dealerships
  • Follow up on key accounts such as coffee chains
  • Develop and maintain dealer relationships
  • Negotiate contract terms with dealers
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Monitor dealer activity to assist in growth
  • Gather useful information from customer and competitor data
  • Make and give presentations to prospective dealers and coffee chains
  • Be prepared to travel in and outside US borders
  • Technical issues will be handled by your US-based Technical Moose Doctor

Put the Belgian Moose Mansion’s phone number on speed dial for reporting, US user feedback, R&D developments, marketing, commercial and administrative issues.

Technical Sales Support

aka the Moose Doctor

If there’s only one sibling your mother is calling each time something breaks down and you’re the one… keep on reading. If you can explain it to her and she insists on doing it herself, stick with us.

Because we need a technical trainer, after sales specialist and user feedback gatherer all rolled into one. In short, we need a US-based Perfect Moose Doctor. Get plugged in and turn on your camera and speaker to get settled behind the screen. Apart from physical trainings, online technical support to dealers would be your second hobby.

Get your moose doctor’s degree

Finally that doctor’s degree you can wave at family parties. After intense and continuous training, you will get the official Perfect Moose Doctor’s degree. The Perfect Moose doctor knows the automated steamer inside out and is not afraid of stripping him naked and examining his insides.

Engineering qualities might get you extra points. The drive to learn just as much.

A Moose Doctor’s daily business

  • train official Perfect Moose technicians from the US network and beyond
  • visit local dealers for live trainings
  • set up a US training programme and update with regular intervals
  • assist in technical moose mysteries
  • advise in technical developments
  • help personalize settings for large coffee chains
  • gather feedback and collect data for new improvements
  • assist in keeping the info of the Moose helpdesk up-to-date

Put the Belgian Moose Mansion’s phone number on speed dial for conferring with your European After Sales colleague, reporting, and discussing commercial, administrative and marketing related issues.

Stuff you might want to know

Who’s the Moose

Perfect Moose is the smart steam foamer allowing bars and baristas to turn milk and plant-based alternatives of their choice into the silkiest microfoam. Thanks to smart technology, Perfect Moose recognizes the type and amount of milk dosed, and then automatically foams it into microfoam of top barista quality. Go for standard settings or choose the temperature and texture you want and set those barista hands free.

Your hybrid habitat

Perfect Moose USA Inc has its seat in 7th Avenue, New York. Since wandering the land should come naturally to a US Perfect Moose Ranger, it might be best to get a plastic office plant. 

Perfect Moose’s head offices are based in Belgium, Europe. The Moose Mansion is where these award-winning smart steamers with patented rfid technology are engineered and hand-assembled.

Your favourite bar 

Would be a coffee bar. 


Milk or coffee allergies would be at your own risk. 

And now for some action

Would. Should. Could. Writing in the conditional tense is hard so if you feel like turning all this into the present simple, apply now or forever drink bad mi*lk coffee.

Email your motivation and resume to hello@perfectmoose.com. Do it to the attention of Jan Adriaens. He’s our Chief Moose Ranger who invented the Moose. Full details people. Can’t wait!

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