2023 events to spot a Perfect Moose
2023 events to spot a Perfect Moose

Here’s your chance to try out the SCA awarded smart tech milk steamer yourself. Join the Moose and its Rangers at these 2023 global events.

Meet the Perfect Moose at the following 2023 fairs: 

🇳🇱 30 March – 1 April | The Amsterdam Coffee Festival | Amsterdam, Netherlands | look for Delirest Service

🇨🇦 10-12 April | RC Show | Toronto, Canada | look for Advanced Brewing Systems

🇩🇰 14-16 April | Danish Coffee Festival | Copenhagen, Denmark | look for Kontra Coffee

🇬🇧 20-23 April | The London Coffee Festival | London, UK | spread all over the place by Brew-It Group

🇪🇪 28-29 April | Tallinn Coffee Festival | Tallinn, Estonia | look for King Coffee Service

🇬🇷 22-24 May | World of Coffee | Athens, Greece | look for the Perfect Moose Home Squad

🇸🇬 25-27 May | International Coffee Tea Asia | Singapore | look for Boncafe Singapore

🇲🇾 25-27 May | ICBS | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | look for BonCafe Malaysia

More to come… 

Get your gloves out for these 2023 latte art battles

Next best thing after coffee? Coffee people. Latte art contests are always fun. Bring in a moose and the party’s complete. How to organise a latte art competition with an automated milk steamer. 

The Alternative Barista National Tour

“We do the moose round first & baristas get a choice after that… steaming manually or automatically. We have baristas using moose again because they are really impressed.” – Fleur Clohesy, The Alternative Dairy Co

🇦🇺 27 April | Alternative Barista Smackdown | QLD, Australia at Barista Technology by the Alternative Dairy Company

🇦🇺 30 March | Alternative Barista Smackdown | VIC, Australia at Victoria Arduino by the Alternative Dairy Company

Brussels Coffee Week

🇧🇪 October | Royal Latte Art Battle | Brussels, Belgium 

Stuff you might have missed out on this year. Moose will be back baby. 

Horecava – Amsterdam, Netherlands | Sigep – Rimini Italy | Warsaw Coffee Festival – Warsaw, Poland | Catex – Dublin, Ireland | HCJ – Tokyo, Japan | Internorga | Hamburg, Germany