MustVisit | London Coffee Festival 2018
MustVisit | London Coffee Festival 2018

London Coffee Festival | 12-15 April 2018 |

The London Coffee Festival is definitely one of the most bustling coffee events of the year. Held at Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, it plunges you right into the middle of over 30.000 on-trend urbanites and industry professionals. All there to share that same passion: coffee!

Perfect Moose, the Belgian-born automated (milk) foamer, made its maiden voyage across the Channel in 2017. It was given a warm welcome at London Coffee Festival by both visitors and press. This year, the Moose will be back…introducing a brand new member of the Moose family.

The 2017 UK introduction of the automated frothing technology caused quite a stir. Zachary Carlsen, co-founder and  editor at Sprudge Media Network on the introduction of the autofoamer at London Coffee Festival 2017:

“The machine joins a category of super-automated milking machines (…) there’s some sound and true arguments for robotizing something to produce consistent, reliable results. (…) We don’t think this the nail in the coffin of the craft and artistry found in high-end cafes. This could be the beginning for decent frothing at soup cafe bookstores (…) the world needs inventions like this.” 

More practical. More clear.

Perfect Moose kept busy ever since. Armed not only with a new name, branding and Smart Label Award, the Belgian engineering crew  is now ready to introduce its latest family member: Perfect Moose Jack. Jan Adriaens, engineer behind the automated (milk) frother explains:

Based on feedback from our clients, we developed a stand-alone autofoamer using a smaller and more efficient boiler. The boiler of the first version still took up quite a lot of space underneath the coffee counter. Perfect Moose Jack now has a small, detachable boiler at the back – which we call Jack’s Backpack. It can be taken off and hung in the vicinity of the frother if needed. We can now offer the choice between Perfect Moose Greg – the autofrother to be connected to your espressomachine – and Perfect Moose Jack – the independent autofoamer.

Jack is not the only novelty. Smart pitchers got smarter too.

In order to get the perfect froth for different liquid types and to rule out the risk of contamination for lactose-intolerant people, we have introduced 3 colours for our smart pitchers: white for milk-based, green for plant-based and black for (chocolate) mix-based liquids. Each with their own specific recipe triggers. More clear. More practical.” Adriaens continues.

No tickets to London yet?

Use the code LCF123* and get discounted weekend tickets to the show – 2 standard tickets for £28. using the code LCF123*. Validate your discount here. You may also get lucky and get your hands on last minute complimentary tickets for the Festival’s Industry Days on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th April. Use this link using the code LCF1ND to meet the Moose – London free style.

Plenty of reasons to visit

Loads to discover at LCF2018. We’re definitely going to pay a visit to:

Allan Reeder | As if powering Latte Art Live and Coffee Masters wasn’t enough, Allan Reeder makes sure the whole London Coffee Festival is in good supply of milk. Come and moose up a cup of their milk yourself!

Alpro | Alpro specializes in plant-based products particularly formulated for use in hot drinks. Ideal for Perfect Moose to start steaming those coconut cappuccinos and almond mochas. You’ll be amazed at the veggie microfoam quality. A true playground for reinventing your latte menu.

Cup-A-lot | A warm heart to these Belgian green coffee sourcers importing the best beans directly from Congo plantations. Katrien Pauwels, lady at the helm of Cup-A-Lot and Or Coffee dedicated a section of her book ‘Puur Koffie’ (Pure Coffee) to the smart frothing technology. Be sure to have a read while traveling to London.

Keep track of the Moose

Meet our Moose Rangers at London Coffee Festival Booth M11.

Won’t be able to make it? Get your Moose medicine on socials and follow #perfectmoose on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.