The Moose holds no mysteries

Hand’s free display

No complicated menus. No room for error.Just follow Moose instructions.

Hands free display

No complicated menus. No room for error. Just follow Moose instructions.

Moving steam wand

The wand automatically copies every exact move a barista makes, preset per recipe.

Easy clean nozzles

Obligatory steam flush after each cycle. Hygiene guaranteed.

Smart Moose eye

Monitors the exact temperature of the chosen liquid during the whole steaming cycle

Scale / pitcher holder

Measures the amount of liquid and adjusts the steaming cycle accordingly

Smart Moose pitcher

The RFID tag on the bottom triggers the apparatus to start steaming

Magic ? Just smart tech.
Perfect Moose always works as a combination of a Moose apparatus + a smart Moose pitcher.

At the bottom of each Moose pitcher, an RFID tag is attached. This gives the starting signal for Moose to automatically start steaming when the jug is put on.

While stretching and texturing, the steam wand copies the exact movements of the barista, introducing air and creating the right whirlpool movement.
The Moose is a very sophisticated one. Once you get to know it, some questions might pop-up. We took the liberty to sum-up a few.
Can I add milk or liquid during a steaming cycle?

No. You'd better not. Once you have put the Moose pitcher onto the machine, Perfect Moose measures the amount of liquid and the temperature to run the recipe accordingly. That recipe starts running immediately. Adding liquid during the cycle will disturb this process and will not provide barista quality froth.

Do I have to hold the Moose pitcher while steaming?

No. Put your filled Moose pitcher on and let go of the handle. Perfect Moose works completely hands-free and will immediately start frothing. Holding the pitcher could influence the weight measurement and is advised against.

Can I remove the pitcher holder

The pitcher holder acts both as a holder and a scale. You can remove the holder for cleaning purposes (not in dishwasher) but make sure that, when you put it back on, it is installed perfectly horizontal for weighing purposes. Doubts whether you did ok? You can always switch Perfect Moose off and back on again to be sure.

Do I need to clean the machine on the inside at the end of the day?

No, as no milk or liquids run through the machine, there is no chance of residues inside. The casing of the machine has powdercoated seams so that nothing gets through. This to enhance hygiene and exclude contamination risks. The outside of the apparatus can be wiped with a damp cloth (and mild detergent when desired).

Can I froth various types of milk

Yes you can. In order to do so, you have to choose the right pitcher. White pitchers are used to steam dairy milks. Green pitchers are used for plant-based and veggie milks. Black pitchers are used for frothing mixes like chocolate drinks. Each type has its own foaming parameters. Since you are not bound to fixed milk suppliers, Perfect Moose gives you the freedom to experiment with all kinds of liquids. Good opportunity to create that unique signature drink.

What are the dimensions of a Perfect Moose?

Perfect Moose measures L 120 x W 350 x H 620 mm or L 4,72 x W 13,8 x H 24,4 inch. Its limited size makes it easy to install both on new and existing counter tops. Perfect Moose Jack uses an independent boiler which can be attached to the machine or hung separately in the vicinity of the machine. Moose Jack's boiler measures L 120 x W 140 x H 600 mm.

Can I install Perfect Moose anywhere?

Yes you can. Thanks to its limited size, Perfect Moose can be installed on both new and existing counter tops. You need a power source to plug it in and a drain for the water condensation to be led away (via the back of your machine).

Why is it recommended to keep Perfect Moose close to a rincer?

When steaming milk and other liquids, always start with a clean, cool pitcher (when steaming by hand, this rule also applies). Having a rincer close to Perfect Moose is the ideal set up for the finest quality foam. When you have finished pouring your latte or other combi-drink, give the smart pitcher a rince and you're ready for the next one. Letting milk stick after steaming is (A) not very tasteful and hygienic and (B) not good to ensure constant microfoam quality.

What's the delivery time for Perfect Moose?

Delivery time for the auto-foamer is 6 weeks*. All devices are assembled by hand in Belgium and standard delivered with an installation manual, connecting parts and a white, a green and a black smart pitcher (50 cl). Pitchers of 35 cl and 75 cl and Jack's backpack (separate boiler) can always be ordered separately*. Perfect Moose Jack will be deliverable as from Q1 2018. Contact us and we’ll put you on the waiting list! You have absolutely no obligation to purchase, but the higher you’re on the list, the sooner you get to meet your best barista buddy Perfect Moose Jack.

Can I use my own pitchers to foam with Perfect Moose?

No. Each Moose pitcher has a special RFID tag attached at the bottom. When you put the smart pitcher on the machine, the tag works as a on/off switch. It contains the code which triggers the machine to start up the right recipe. Perfect Moose will not function without a smart Moose pitcher.

Can I connect Perfect Moose Greg to any espressomachine?

You could. But you shouldn't. In order to guarantee constant foam quality, Moose Greg needs to be connected to an espressomachine with a boiler producing a constant and sufficient pressure of 1,3 to 1,4 bar (approx. 123 to 125 degrees Celsius). You can check this on the display of your espressomachine. Couple it to an espressomachine with a separate steamboiler or multi-boiler technology. Espressomachines with a single boiler are usually not able to keep a constant pressure, thus not guaranteeing constant foam quality. Not sure? Reach out to our technical support team.

How do I clean the Perfect Moose machine?

After each steaming cycle, Moose will ask you to steamflush the wand. Wipe the pipe with a clean cloth (no detergents) and press the display to flush briefly. In order to guarantee good hygiene, you won't be able to proceed with the next steaming cycle unless you have steamflushed the Moose's Nozzle. This is the only maintenance Perfect Moose needs (other than the obvious wipe with a damp cloth on the outside). Never put Perfect Moose in your dishwasher.

How do I clean the smart pitchers?

Moose pitchers are stainless steel, colour coated jugs. They have a smart RFID tag attached to the bottom using a special, heat-resistant glue. The Moose pitchers are dishwasher-safe but we do recommend to put them in the top drawer of your dishwasher. Or wash up by hand using some light detergent and hot water.

Is Perfect Moose only meant for professional use?

Perfect Moose was developed to be used intensely by professional coffee bars, hotels, at events... Unless you're a latte junky of the very first hour, Perfect Moose was not developed for home use.

What do the pitcher colours stand for?

Each pitcher colour stands for a certain type of liquid: white jug for dairy, green jug for plant-based, black jug for (chocolate) mixes. Parameters of the steaming recipes differ from jug to jug. Rule out the risk of contamination and always use the green pitcher for lactose-intolerant clients. They will thank you for it.

Can I use any liquid?

One of the advantages of Perfect Moose is that you are not bound to a fixed milk supplier and can choose your own milks or liquids. Use the right colour pitcher for your type of drink.

Can the pitcher 'boil over'?

No. When you put too much liquid in the pitcher, the Moose display will tell you to pour out a certain amount from the moment you put it on the machine. When you put too little liquid in the pitcher, the Moose will also tell you how much more you have to add.

How do I prepare foamy chocolate milk with Perfect Moose?

Use the black pitcher to make chocolate mixes. Pour the desired amount of milk into the pitcher. Second, put in chocolate flakes (our favourite for the best result) to your taste. Put the filled pitcher onto Perfect Moose and let go. Your foamy chocolate milk will be ready in a moment.

Can Perfect Moose also be used for food/drink development purposes?

Apart from bars and baristas, Perfect Moose is also used by milk suppliers on the search of innovative recipes, coffee chains working on new signature drinks and food academies experimenting with hybrid drinks or restaurant applications. AHA Innovations can personalize the parameters of the smart RFID-tag to develop that perfect steaming recipe for your purpose. Contact us for further options.

Who can use Perfect Moose

Perfect Moose is an automated foamer used to support baristas in their daily practice, particularly during busy service. The auto frother is also used by non-trained baristas so that quality foam can be assured, even if there is no skilled barista present.

Do I need to buy special Perfect Moose milks?

No. Unlike 'push-button' foamers, you don't have to buy specialised milks of the same brand fitting your machine. You are free to use the liquids you like, giving you control of taste, amount and budget spent on milks.

Why is there no predetermined menu for cappuccino, macchiatto, …

Perfect Moose is meant to keep it simple while ensuring top quality. Put on the pitcher, take it of when finished...no touch involved. Perfect Moose was developed in close collaboration with top baristas and made to leave room for barista creativity. Use new combinations, adjust the used amount of milk to the cups used in your coffee business (thus reducing waste)... but as for unskilled baristas, follow standard procedure and you'll wow your customers.

Why should I choose the Moose?

No training - constant quality independent of the maker
No maintenance - no liquids run through the machine. A second steamflush will do.
less waste - you decide how much you need. Moose will tell you if you have too much or too little
No touch - No complicated menus, no room for error
Constant quality - 24/7, authentic barista process
Get creative and enjoy the freedom of choosing the used liquids

What's the price of Perfect Moose?

Perfect Moose Greg and Perfect Moose Jack are the same machines but with a different way of connecting them. This has its effect on pricing. Moose Jack is a complete system, with boiler. Greg is connected to an espressomachine, which saves you the cost of Jack's Backpack, the boiler. Let us guide you in the right choice and contact us for prices.

How about a good Moose story?

A moose walked into a coffee bar. Craving for a decent latte, he decided to queue up for a quick takeaway coffee. He counted five people and one couple in front of him. Plus one lady Moose. Single. He could tell. Patiently he waited his turn and saw the barista trying not to lose faith juggling espressos, pitchers, mugs, steampipes, dishes and temps all at the same time. Moose decided to come to the rescue. Impressing Lady Moose might have had something to do with it. He jumped behind the bar, gave the barista an extra pair of hands foaming perfectly steamed milk (one plant-based for the Lady) and gave untrained staff the chance to prepare the perfect froth themselves. Now all proud co-workers by the way. Busy service went smoothly. Moose had an extra surprise up his sleeve. Nobody got assigned the cleaning job. Because there is none. After each foaming session, Mooses' nozzles are to be steamflushed for 2 seconds. Wiped down. Done. Think somebody might have impressed the Lady? Moose got a steady job in the bar. They lived happily ever after. The end... and the start of a velvet shiny future.

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