Best New Product Award 2021 goes to... Perfect Moose Greg
Best New Product Award 2021 goes to... Perfect Moose Greg

We won! Hats were thrown in the air. Dance moves might have been a bit weird looking but boy are we proud. Perfect Moose Greg has won Best New Product Award 2021 in the Commercial Coffee Preparation and Serving Equipment category. An official SCA Award. Clearing the Moose’s mantel piece as we speak.

Each year, the SCA Specialty Coffee Association – authority in the global coffee industry – grants the SCA Awards to coffee innovators “recognizing excellence in product innovation, design, and sustainability across the industry.” Due to you-know-what, the SCA decided to organise the 2021 Awards online for the very first time, open to companies and individuals around the globe, expanding the reach and prestige of these important annual competitions. Picking up that physical award at Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston 8-10 April 2022 (meet the Moose at Booth 954)

What was on the exam 

Each contestant was presented with a series of questions about the mission and ambition of their product. So Team Moose prepped the exam and put their best hoof forward. Here’s a small recap…

Is the product in line with consumer preferences and industry trends? Please explain why. 

Overall coffee quality | The traditional latte is the most ordered (milk) coffee drink. With third and fourth wave coffee trends, coffee customers expect higher quality (milk) coffee standards in all coffee businesses.

Plant-based on the rise | Plant-based alternatives continue to be more popular and are harder for a barista to steam. Perfect Moose makes it easy and thus more attainable for more coffee businesses.

About Covid | The pandemic left many coffee bars short staffed. Perfect Moose acts as an extra pair of barista hands and helps create quality microfoam even without training. Perfect Moose also requires minimum touch, ruling out any unnecessary contamination risks. 

Takeaway trend | The Perfect Moose has a slim design able to fit even small window counters, container cafes or mobile coffee trucks.

Reduce waste | Decide on the standard amount of milk you want to use and stick to it. Adjust the amount to the cups used in your business and don’t spoil milk.

Buy local | Free choice of milk means the option to support local milk business and reduce the overall footprint of your business.

Does this product improve/enhance the knowledge of the coffee community? Please explain why. 

True coffee lovers don’t settle for less than high quality on every level. Perfect Moose can contribute to enhance the quality of milk coffees in general. Because the Perfect Moose makes it easier to experiment with steamed plant-based milk, fresh milk, local milk… a much vaster quality milk coffee range is within reach.

Does this product offer an appealing alternative to existing products? Please explain why. 

As for microfoam outcome, the Perfect Moose auto steamer can be compared to a professionally trained barista using a regular steampipe on a professional espresso machine.

Automating the milk foaming process mostly means limiting your choices to push-button uniformity or a certain type of milk. With Perfect Moose, you can steam up dairy or plant-based milk of your choice.

The freedom to choose the milk gives the coffee bar owner the freedom both for milk taste but also for milk budget. 

The smart technology of Perfect Moose is unique and patented. 

Is there a clear sustainability message or value to the product or service? Please explain why. 

The Moose takes care of a smaller footprint. Choosing own milk allows coffee bars to buy local and make conscious environmental choices.

The Perfect Moose is also hand-assembled in-house (in Dendermonde, Belgium, Europe). Software development is also done in-house making production completely transparent.

Some parts of the Perfect Moose are pre-assembled in a sheltered workshop giving people a chance to work at their own pace and contribute. 

About Perfect Moose Greg

The Perfect Moose Greg smart foamer is to be connected to a professional espresso machine sharing the espresso machine’s boiler to create steam. Whenever there is an aspect which could negatively influence microfoam quality outcome – eg when the milk is not cold enough to start – the Perfect Moose will guide you through the steps.

Since microfoam preferences differ all over the world, the Perfect Moose Team decided to make the Moose even more flexible (besides free choice of milk and maker) and added the option to determine the preferred thickness and temperature of the microfoam.


Go to the SCA webpage to see the Perfect Moose Gregs entry. 

Visit Perfect Moose at Specialty Coffee Expo 2022 in Boston.