Host Milano 2021. It will be Epic.
Host Milano 2021. It will be Epic.

The Moose didn’t get a lot of outside play time back in 2020. Just like you, he focused on take-away and the occasional nature walk. But! All this inside play time made our Moose engineers’ fingers itch again to fiddle with even better functions and making extra models. Want to see what’s so special? Plan your play date with Perfect Moose at HostMilano 2021.

Big news, Epic even

At HostMilano, you’ll get to meet the big boys. Epic Moose is the latest Moose model able to hold 50 cl, 75 cl and 1 liter smart pitchers. With this addition, Perfect Moose meets the wishes of o.a. busy coffee chains in need of steaming larger amounts.

Need a refresh of the Moose models? Dive into the Moose Content Pool for an overview.

The patented smart technology & the way the Perfect Moose autosteams remain as you know it: fill the smart pitcher with your mi*lk of choice, put it onto the device and while you’re pulling your espresso shots, the Moose takes care of steaming business.

Slide into a new era: adjust texture and temperature with a swipe of your finger.

Before, you could already adjust the temperature of 1 steaming cycle. Guess what… now you can adjust both temperature ànd texture on each smart pitcher producing microfoam just the way you like it. Set it once and all steaming cycles of that pitcher will be consistent (unless you change your mind of course, then you simply do the sliding thing again).

And the very best thing? Texture – that’s the density or thickness of the microfoam – and temperature can only be adjusted within the limits of top quality microfoam outcome. So there’s no room for error, no burnt milk….only peace of mind.

Get your high heels on

Not you. We recommend flatties for fairs. But we gave all Moose non-marking hoofs which can be replaced by high hoofs so that you can easily wipe underneath (extra pair of high hoofs standard delivered in each Moose box). Ensures better hygiene and allows neat freaks to sleep at night.

New baby Jack is born

Perfect Moose Jack is the automated steamer carrying its own boiler at the back. Whereas Perfect Moose Greg needs to be hooked up to a suitable espressomachine, Moose Jack functions fully independently. We stripped him down, got him naked and totally reworked his inner body. Pretty proud of our new baby Jack. Come and meet him and his parents at Host.

About HostMilano 2021

HostMilano is the world exhibition dedicated to the catering and hospitality sector bringing together professionals from over 170 countries. Taking place every two years, it offers everything needed to build a successful business & get inspired by the latest trends. Whether we think it will be worth it? Yes we really do.

22-26 October 2021 is the date to put in your agenda. Hall 15P – Booth E73 is the way you should be heading to meet the Perfect Moose.

Fancy free tickets to Host Milano? Click here to register. Courtesy of the Moose (as long as stock lasts).

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