Why Moose put on his blogging cap
Why Moose put on his blogging cap

Right. Perfect Moose has a blog now. As you know, passion is rarely kept quiet. So yes, we indulged him, gave him a platform to shout it out.
Perfect Moose sets the bar high. The coffee bar to be specific.

Getting you the smoothest hands-free microfoam is one ambition, setting the perfect scene to optimize your workflow is another. Or suprising you with original recipes for foamy drinks. Following up on third wave coffeetrends and letting you know how people experience the Moose. For real.
Besides all that, you will be able to track Perfect Moose’s whereabouts and new product developments.

Are we missing something? Moose is a bit of an e-mail addict. Give him his shot of dopamine by sending a note to hello@perfectmoose.com.

Always happy to hear from you!