Moose Jack nominated for Best New Product at World of Coffee Athens
Moose Jack nominated for Best New Product at World of Coffee Athens

Expelliarmus! The robots are coming. In 2018, when the Perfect Moose smart milk steamer was first introduced, the reactions on social media were, well… widely divergent. Embracing automation in a coffee market based on craft and expertise took guts. And proof. Proof which is now evident. Automation was never a magic spell forcing steam wands out of barista hands. Adding, not taking away. 

Perfect Moose offers a simple solution to a real, global problem: getting the milk froth right every single time in an easy-to use, affordable, nonrestrictive manner. With some added fun if possible. Jan Adriaens, long time coffee engineer and man behind the Moose never had to create a hole in the market, it was staring him in the face. So he took it in hand, and went from garage to global business in just a few years time. 

Never settle

The thing with pioneering spirit? It never settles. So Perfect Moose Jack, the stand-alone foamer able to steam all milks and alternatives without any assistance of external steam sources, got an overhaul. Why? Because the initial thought to help out coffee places in the steaming department still stands. Turning user feedback into innovation – always improving is a sine qua non. 

What’s new 

Even more clear directions on screen, user friendly boiler flushes, minimal touch, internal bodywork to make service easier, more personalized options to eg switch off sounds or show only buttons you need, easy access to the online helpdesk, play around even more easily with texture and temperature, … and then some. 

Made to measure 

Greg and Jack, 2 moose models. The first to be connected to an espresso machine, the latter to work fully independently. Because the pallet of coffee businesses is vast, and different needs ask for different approaches. 

Smart milk steamer Greg won the SCA Best New Product Award in 2021. Now 2023, Perfect Moose Jack is nominated for SCA Best New Product. 

Independent coffee cafes and small chains count on numerous standard options, enabling them to experiment (think milk, budget, staff …) and bring originality and consistency to their business. Big chains can get a custom moose treatment to optimize general coffee workflow, reduce waste and gain in efficiency and quality of taste. 

Where’s Jack at 

New and improved Jack will be making his official debut at World of Coffee 2023, Athens. Come and try it out at stand 3N-25.

UPDATE The SCA Best New Product Award 2023 in the category Commercial Coffee Preparation and Serving Equipment was won by the Probat PO5 hydrogen roaster. Congratulations! Gave Jack a cuddle and let him steam up some mi*lk goodies. Over it in no time. That’s our boy.