Perfect Moose Greg wins SCAJ New Product Award 2023
Perfect Moose Greg wins SCAJ New Product Award 2023

The World Specialty Coffee Conference in Tokyo, Japan. That’s where it happened. That’s where Perfect Moose Greg, the connected smart milk steamer, won the SCAJ New Product Award 2023. 

Japan, known for its meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, has its own vibrant coffee culture, and at the heart of it lies the Specialty Coffee Association Japan. SCAJ in short.

What sets specialty coffee apart is its focus on the entire coffee journey, from the bean’s origin and cultivation to its brewing and presentation. SCAJ recognizes that achieving excellence in each step is vital to delivering an extraordinary coffee experience. So yes, same goes for the milk foam.

People’s choice

According to SCAJ, Perfect Moose got the award for his ‘contribution to the popularization, education and growth of specialty coffee.’ How about that.

The automated milk foamer – developed and made in Belgium, Europe – won by voting. No less than 69.201 people attended the World Specialty Coffee Conference in Tokyo, so that’s quite a crowd at the biggest international trade show specializing in coffee in Asia.

Moosing in Japan

Big shout-out to our Japanese Moose Rangers at DCS for their enthusiasm and guiding the Moose onto Japanese grounds. Contact DCS if you want the know about the advantages of automated milk foaming and want to boost your coffee business in Japan. 

Other countries, head to to find your Moose distributor.

🏆 making some room in the Moose Trophy Cabinet next to the Smart Label Award (Host 2017, Italy) | Innovation Awards Finalist (European Coffee Expo 2018, UK) | Innovation Award Finalist (MICE 2019, Australia) | Greg SCA Best New Product (Specialty Coffee Association 2021, USA) | Smart Technology Company of the year (2022, Belgium)| Outstanding Innovation Award (Seoul, 2022) | Jack shortlisted Best New Product , World of Coffee Athens (2023)

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