Top 20 To See at #LCF2018 | Food and Drink Matters
Top 20 To See at #LCF2018 | Food and Drink Matters

‘Food and Drink Matters’ just released their Top 20 To See at London Coffee Festival 2018. Seems the Moose also stuck his big nose in… Read the full article on  , lucky page 13. Don’t feel like clicking? We’ve got you covered….

3 reasons why a little automation goes a long way

Will automation take over for the baristas or will it take them to the next level. Perfect Moose, the smart steam foamer introduced at London Coffee Festival, seems to have gotten the message: speed up the coffee making process while gaining on quality.

1. Focus on what matters

The new barista knows where his coffee is grown, pumps the perfect espresso shot and takes up his role as a coffee connoisseur. When you know that almost 80% of coffees served are milk-based, automating the (milk) foaming process allows him to do all of that.

2. Add a personal twist

Coffee lovers look for authenticity and uniqueness. A glaring contrast to automation? Unlike other foaming systems, Perfect Moose automates the foaming process, not the choice of products used. By enabling bars and baristas to work with their liquid of choice, they are free to experiment, optimize recipes, use local milk, go veggie…

3. Rely on constant quality

Rush hour. Shortage of staff. No reason not to deliver quality. Since Perfect Moose copies the exact movements of a top barista, you get top barista quality foam. No matter who the maker is.

(source: Food and Drink Matters)

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